1047 Games shares impressive Splitgate stats for 2021

Portal and Halo inspired shooter split gate was a success out of the gate, to put it simply. The game, which is currently in an indefinite beta phase, became so popular so quickly that developer 1047 Games was forced to delay its full release to ensure it was able to handle a massive influx of players. can do without igniting anything. To close out the year, the developer shared stats that split gatePut’s popularity into perspective and reassure us that the full release of the game definitely needs more time, especially considering the development team is still growing.

More than 15 million players have downloaded split gate since the beta went live on consoles. In the first half of 2021 alone, more than seven billion portals have been opened and more than 163 billion meters have been traveled through all the portals opened to date. In a press release, 1047 Games gushed about this distance, pointing out that it’s the equivalent of three trips from Earth to Mars.

In terms of game time, players have invested 6,167 years in split gate Fired over 108 billion shots to date, destroyed over six billion enemies, and earned over two million portal kills. Wow!

1047 Games has received $100 million in funding for: split gate, part of which is spent on hiring more employees. The all-out team has already grabbed developers from companies like Electronic Arts, Tencent, Riot and 343 Studios.

“We have a lot to share in 2022 for” split gate’ the studio teased while promising “cool stuff” to come in January.

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