4A Game Details Metro Exodus PS5 Upgrades, Available Today

4A Games has said that the Metro Exodus The PlayStation 5 upgrade will dramatically improve the overall experience for players getting started now.

On the PlayStation Blog, the studio said it used “every aspect” of the PS5 hardware to improve the game, including doubling the frame rate from 30fps to 60fps, increasing the resolution to 4K, overhauling the game’s gameplay. engine for full ray traced lighting, using the SSD to significantly reduce loading times, and using 3D audio to increase immersion.

Of course, no PS5 game would be complete without DualSense support, and Metro Exodus uses the controller a lot.

“The advanced haptic feedback gives each weapon a unique feeling when discharged, recoil, reloaded or stalled,” the developer wrote. “Players will even feel the subtle differences within the same weapon class as they adapt and customize with our in-the-field crafting and customization mechanics; adding a heavier stock to increase stability, or a suppressor to decrease muzzle climbing, all change how the controller reacts in the player’s hands.

For example, the Tikhar and Helsing use adaptive triggers to increase pressure and resistance during filling and charging.

“Maintaining high air pressure in the tank is essential to maintain the Tikhar’s lethality, and this must be manually topped up by pulling the appropriate trigger; as the pressure increases, the resistance at the trigger action also increases, so players can feel when the maximum pressure has been reached,” added 4A Games.

Metro ExodusPS5 upgrade is free for players who own the PS4 version.

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