5 Key Benefits of Using an RSS Feed Reader as Part of Your Daily Routine

Why not use RSS feed readers?

They are the best tool out there for managing your time online and you don’t even need one of those apps that block distractions. Using RSS is simply a godsend when it comes to mental focus. I’m not the only one who struggles to keep tasks on track over an extended period of time. Science supports me in this.

RSS feed readers are a way to reclaim your mental retail space.

RSS feed reader. What is it?

Despite solid talk about its resurgence, RSS is still flying under the radar, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t know about it.

RSS readers are external customers who syndicate content from websites via so-called RSS feeds. Think RSS feeds (more information) as streaming services you subscribe to and the RSS reader as your device – it’s that simple. You can add as many RSS feeds as you want to your reader and get the latest updates in real time. You can learn more here.

How can you use an RSS feed reader?

RSS feed readers have a wide application. I use Inoreader for both work and leisure. It just makes sense to follow entertainment news and stocks in one place.

Students can greatly benefit from RSS readers as research tools. Marketers can use them as a way to listen to social media, while office workers can increase their productivity in general. I’ve even heard about using RSS readers to find a new job.

Really, the possibilities are endless.

5 benefits of daily use

It’s very easy

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or have complicated productivity setups to use an RSS feed reader. As we mentioned, RSS came hand-in-hand with the Internet, so it’s a pretty simple and intuitive bit of programming based on basic input and output. You post the feeds of the sites you want to follow and then you get their latest updates.

You have one dashboard with a chronological feed that is refreshed often and shows new articles by time of publication, from newest to oldest. That is it. Yes, there are bells and whistles you can learn and use, but these are the basics. One feed, clean interface and clear headlines. I’ve certainly never found anything more convenient than this. Every now and then a quick flick through is what I have to catch up on.

Does an article arouse your interest? Click it and read it in its entirety.

Discover great topics, feeds and collections

People are known for their love of routines and habits. This extends to what you are reading. Before you know it you fall into an information bubble where you cycle through the same news sources and websites for your general interests. The effect of the echo chamber is well documented and RSS readers are the perfect tools for breaking out of any bubble.

Content discovery is one of the defining characteristics of the most recent generation of readers. Inoreader asks every new user about their interests and subscribes them to the most popular feeds in those topics. The discovery area further provides users with popular feeds organized into five main branches and then each branch has its own branches. The popularity of the feeds is based on the number of subscribers to Inoreader.

Have everything in one place

The great thing about RSS readers today is their versatility. You really can send feeds from just about any platform out there thanks to a few free tools, although it’s best to choose a reader that has built-in support for social media and other formats. Very quickly, what you can view in your dashboard:

· All news sites and blogs. That’s the basics of all RSS, yet worth mentioning for the sheer bliss of not having to open tab after tab after tap.

· Newsletters and Google Alerts. Inoreader can subscribe to newsletters directly, although you have to unlock the feature at a certain salary level. For those readers who can’t, there’s always Kill the Newsletter.

· Social media – as long as the account is public. Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and lists, Instagram pages, public groups on LinkedIn… The list goes on.

· Vacancies and searches on job boards.

Inoreader also has a browser extension, which further streamlines the experience in a browser by bringing in most of the reader’s functionalities.

Use only trusted sources

You’ve probably posted an article or image on your socials to be brutally checked in seconds. I have certainly fallen victim to information that is presented in a truthful manner, but that does not resemble the truth at all. Those are the risks we take by being on the internet, even though the fake news phenomenon has now reached its peak.

RSS readers create a vacuum-sealed information environment, where there is no chance for an ounce of misinformation to infiltrate, according to business2community.com. Why? Because you are the gatekeeper. You decide which feeds you want to read. As long as you research which news sources are impartial and report the facts without too much editorial comment, you are immediately isolated from them.

Get only the information you need

Instead of wading through all the new headlines from a site you like to find the most relevant to you, let RSS feed readers do the work for you. Just because you’ve committed to an RSS feed doesn’t mean you’ve committed to their entire catalog. Good thing readers can filter incoming updates based on keywords.

Are you interested in popular culture but can’t stand Star Wars? Have your RSS reader block all incoming information related to Star Wars. It’s that simple. Is there a particular writer on a blog that you like? Only allow articles and pop written by them to appear in your dashboard. That’s the simple power of RSS filtration.

Last updated: July 9, 2021