6 reasons we’re so excited about Far Cry 6


  • I’m full of adrenaline from Far Cry 6.
  • We are very excited to explore its vast open world, meet its captivating villain, and test out its gameplay free of restrictions when Far Cry 6 launches on October 7.
  • Far Cry 6 is now available for pre-order in the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S editions Standard, Gold and Ultimate.

Far Cry is one of the most important series from Ubisoft. When a new installment is announced as Far Cry 6, I can safely say that we are all filled with excitement just thinking of the vast new open world to explore, the unpredictable gameplay open and the most incredible characters we will meet. It is for these and more reasons that we are extremely excited to enter and explore the island of Yara de Far Cry 6 when it launches October 7 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Get it on pre-order at the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia and Mexico).

1: Immediate action

On Far Cry 6 you will immediately jump into action. Everything that happens in the first hour of the game feels as if you are thrown from one moment to another into the wild to wreak havoc. In no time, you gain access to abilities such as grappling hook, weapon customization, animal companions, a parachute, and also the ability to carry two primary weapons, in addition to your weapon, without having to spend XP. As you well know, the heart of games Far cry it’s their open nature and vast open worlds, and I think it’s great that Far Cry 6 really focused on getting you into action and into his vast world right away!

2: Solve Workbench

Far Cry 6 Boost your loot routine with Resolver Workbench, which feels like customizing weapons after drinking six cans of Red Bull. “Resolver” —as Ubisoft had previously explained on Xbox Wire in Spanish— comes from the Latin “resolve” and means “to solve”. Here, you will have to sort out situations that arise and create the right weapon depending on the type of work. Need to modify a sniper rifle with armor-piercing rounds? You can do it. Do you want to create a machine gun from a spare motorcycle engine? It also can! How about a rifle that fires bullets that shock your target? Take it for granted!

Create and modify these weapons of resolution by collecting materials found in the world of Far Cry 6. You can also hunt animals and change the meat for the materials you need. Afterward, return to your workplace and adjust and modify your weapons to suit what you are trying to accomplish, whether it’s running and shooting heavy weapons with anti-armor rounds or enhancing the impact of your bow arrows to meet the demands. missions stealthily. As in other Far Cry installments, the choices you make and how you decide to approach the missions will be your decision.

3: Supreme

Supremes are rear-mounted super weapons that are designed to cause massive destruction with a single shot. The first one we got to play with was Exterminator, which is essentially a mini rocket launcher on your back. With his Armageddon Strike ability, which launches a series of rockets at enemies, you can effectively fight against a group of soldiers or a truck full of reinforcements. Another that we liked a lot in the demo was Furious, it was like a rocket backpack that could not take off from the ground, whose power, Crazy Fire, which produces an immense explosive ring that is ideal for roasting all the enemies around you causing a killer AOE damage. The game contains at least six unique Supreme that you can build in Far Cry 6 and, I can safely say that I will look to build them all!

4: Friends

After all the animal companions in Far cry 5, it was great to see this feature revert to Far Cry 6 as friends. While a lot of attention was paid to the introduction of the adorable Chorizo ​​dachshund earlier this year, it was Guapo the alligator who stole my heart (because you can pet him and he’s the cutest of the guys).

Handsome is very useful if you are a lover of chaos, as you can send him to attack and kill most of the guards. His Ancient Survivor ability allows him to passively regain health and has the ability to revive after being downed in combat. On the other hand, Chorizo ​​is designed more for stealth players, using its Attention Seeker ability that unleashes its irresistible charm to distract enemies. Each Friend will have their own specialty that can help you in Far Cry 6 and it can be summoned to your location from almost anywhere, providing you with a faithful and helpful in-game companion.

5: Walks

Taking into account how big it is Far Cry 6, the ability to summon vehicles with your cell phone is an amazing addition to the series – so much better than having to run around looking for a set of wheels or a garage to create your own car. Oh, and you can customize them too, allowing you to put a hulking gun in your 1956 Chevy, for example. It’s about “Solve”, remember? It’s not just about fancy attractions that will help you get around the island quickly. These are stylish cars that you can customize into ready-to-roll vehicles of destruction. Like your weapons, the attractions have a variety of customization slots to improve offense and defense values ​​or add cosmetic items, which is definitely another great reason to search the island for parts and resources.

6: Anton Castillo

We all love a good villain, and the Far Cry series is known for having the best: Vaas de Far cry 3 it is one of my all time favorites. Now, with Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking bad, The Mandalorian) in the role of the dictator of Yara, Antón Castillo, we can’t wait to see more!

The island of Yara is not only a tropical paradise ruled by the dictator Antón Castillo, but it is also home to the drug for the cancer drug Viviro, which is obtained by modifying the tobacco grown on the island. Castillo wants to take advantage of this to put Yara on the map, but will do so at the cost of the lives of the island’s citizens. While he loves his country and could save the world with this drug, it is clear that power is his priority and that he wants to ensure that his legacy continues through his son, Diego. Thus, there are a number of tricky elements that could turn Castillo into a compelling villain, who will also have to deal with lifting on his hands thanks to you.

After all this, the good news is that we won’t have to wait long to start the revolution! Far Cry 6 is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S on October 7. Far Cry 6 It will be optimized for Xbox Series X | S and will feature Smart Delivery to give you the best version of the game on your Xbox console. You can now pre-order the edition Standard,Gold and Ultimate in Microsoft Store! Stay tuned to Xbox Wire en Español for the latest news on your favorite titles, including Far Cry 6. Get it on pre-order at the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia and Mexico).