7 Effective Ways To Use Video In Email Marketing

It’s probably hard to imagine that anyone has never heard of email. Emails have long become an integral part of our daily routine—something we start a new day with and almost often end. As one of the most vital and conventional means of communication in the world, emails offer unlimited possibilities for all kinds of marketing specials. Despite the rapid development of other competing practices and techniques, recent studies unequivocally prove that email maintains its position as the most efficient and effective marketing tool, according to Forbes† Speaking of email, the first association it will conjure up in most people will most likely be a text coupled with some images. However, a growing number of experts are choosing to include video in their marketing email, which is sure to become a trend that will stay with us for a long time to come. While the steadily increasing amounts of money (see here) spent on video advertising indicates that few doubt its effectiveness, one may not be as compatible with the concept of combining email and video in one unified marketing tool. That’s why we’ve collected 7 most useful best practices on how to best use videos in your emails.

  1. Please indicate ‘Video’ in the subject line of the email

When customers receive a new email, they usually just expect to see a new text. Adding video to your email can help you stand out from other countless emails received on a daily basis. To ensure that your email captures the customer’s attention from the first second, include the word “video” in the subject line of the email. It will surely prompt the recipient to open it quickly and find out what it is all about.

  1. Make your email look organic

The graphic design of your email is always important as it makes the first impression of your business with customers and partners. And when you’re combining video, text, and maybe even images in one email, it’s critical that you do it in a natural and organic form that appeals to the recipient. Of course it requires some extra time and skills; however, you can streamline the process and use it to VistaCreate formats.

  1. Using personalized video

Everyone likes to feel special and cared for. However exactly video is embedded in your email, its content must be taken into account. A personalized video will make your recipient feel like this email was designed solely and individually for them, which will certainly help increase customer response rates.

  1. Customer success story video

When a potential customer is looking for a service or goods, they normally gather as much background information as possible to base their final choice on. This also includes advice and customer experience feed from their friends, colleagues and colleagues. By adding a video of a customer’s success story to your marketing email, new customers can get an answer to the question, “What do other people think of this company?”

  1. Use video to promote events

Since every event is an activity, what better way to promote it than with a video? Remember, seeing is believing. For example, if a client is looking for a new Spanish language school, a perfect solution would be a video with real Spanish lessons, a short interview with a teacher and feedback from current students. If you regularly host events, it’s an excellent idea to make a short positive video that repeats a previous event.

  1. Use video on behalf of the company CEO

The top management of any company is considered high-flyers who don’t interact directly with regular customers. A video of, say, CEOs talking about their company, its products and services, and what else it can offer customers can make a big difference. It conveys the message that the managers of the company care about every customer. It is also a great opportunity to showcase the company culture.

  1. Use GIFs in your video emails

Marketing is by no means a serious multi-billion dollar sphere with a pool of highly paid experts. However, remember that all work and no play makes your client a boring guy, so sometimes using funny and sweet GIF animation is a win-win situation. As efficient as this option is, it may not always suit every occasion and target audience. Therefore, before using it, start a thorough analysis of your customer profile and preferences.

The modern digital marketing business is a rapidly changing environment where one has to stay abreast of every evolving trend in order to succeed. Whether one’s willing to accept it or not, merging powerful marketing tools like video and email significantly increases open and click-through rates, boosting sales. We hope you are on the positive side with this article and will try it out!

Last updated: February 22, 2022