7 Incredibly Essential Tech Tools for Realtors

Being a broker equals always multitasking. From coordinating with your clients, scheduling impressions, closing deals to targeting new prospects – an agent must be a technology expert. With the pandemic came the need for useful tech tools for brokers to get started in the hot selling market.

Covid-19 may have forced us to be socially distancing, but thanks to technology, the businesses can now be done with just a few taps. A broker needs to stay on top of the trends and technology of the market in order to be ahead of the curve. In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of incredibly useful tech tools that every real estate agent should have.

Agents, start taking notes!

  1. Sierra Interactive:

Sierra Interactive is a customer relationship management tool designed to help real estate agents improve their organic position. Sierra Interactive is the only platform that offers Google Ad Management at no extra cost. It not only manages the ads, but also takes care of your website, helps generate and convert leads, has fully automated follow-up plans and the ability to create custom listing alerts.

Services Offered: Real Estate Website, CRM, Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, AI, Selling Real Estate Websites, Home Valuation.

  1. pad styler:

82% of home buyers said a staged home has made it easier to visualize the property as their future home and simplified their decision-making process. Virtual staging of your home has unlimited benefits and can help you attract more buyers. Since buyers have a short interest, these high-quality photos help the buyer imagine how well it would fit into the space.

Services Offered: Virtual Home Staging, Virtual Furniture Placement, Virtual Remodeling, Virtual Landscaping, Floor Plans.

  1. structured:

This artificial intelligence-based lead generation platform simplifies responding, tracking and qualifying potential leads. Whenever a lead tries to connect with you through your website, Facebook or any other social media platform, Structurely’s chatbot, Aisa Holmes, is in contact with the customer around the clock.

Say goodbye to the fear of not being able to answer the customers on time, because this AI-based technical tool is there to help you to provide insightful and fast responses. You can continue the conversation at any time to schedule a meeting.

Services Offered: Objection Handling, Real Estate Scripts, Long-Term Follow-up, 24/7 Immediate Response, Live Join Anytime, Website and Mobile Apps.

  1. HelloSign:

The days of printing and driving to the customer to deliver the documents are almost over, thanks to tech tools like HelloSign. Now collect e-signatures on legally binding documents from external customers without hassle. The price for this tool depends on the number of documents you want to send.

Services offered: A free version is available for signing 3 documents.

  1. evernote:

When you’re an agent, multitasking becomes your middle name. With tons of tasks to do, you often forget a few. Avoid that with Evernote. This tech tool is your savior as it helps you keep all your notes, especially one for the buyer and one for the seller. Evernote syncs all the devices you’ve installed it on so you never miss an update.

Services offered: calendar, scan documents, templates, tasks, web clipper, sync and organize.

  1. Closing Cost Calculator:

The sellers you work with usually have a good idea of ​​their home’s closing costs. However, it’s always a good idea to get a closing cost calculator app to your phone to see if a few dollars fluctuate and show the difference there to the customer.

Services offered: At Houzeo, the closing cost calculator will give you an accurate sale price of a property after considering all the factors.

  1. true:

Sometimes good photos won’t always do your job. There are some buyers who go the conventional way and rely on floor plans. Truplace is a technical tool that helps real estate agents set up/create virtual tours while swiping through photos as they move through each room.

Services Offered: Give buyers a better perspective on your listing by providing an accurate virtual floor plan.

At a time when the real estate industry is booming, the people associated with it also need to move with the trends. Using real estate technical tools, the agents can stay on top of what’s going on and stay ahead of the competition. These technologically proficient tools are gaining popularity, which makes it easy for the agents to use them.

Last updated: October 16, 2021