8 video games that should have a movie

Increasingly, video games are attracting the attention of the cinema. But what franchises could we see turned into a movie?

Video games and movies have not always had a good relationship. Film adaptations such as Assassin’s Creed have spread a general feeling around the fact that the films based on games are not entirely positive. Other releases, such as Alicia Vikander’s Tomb Raider, they should have erased with a stroke of the pen that kind of “fear” for these adaptations.

With HBO’s The Last of Us on the horizon and the rumor of Blizzard making animated series on Netflix with franchises like Diablo and Overwatch, what other franchises could adapt to the audiovisual? It doesn’t have to be “live action”, it could also be in animated format. However, here are 8 video games that should have a movie because of the great narrative potential they possess.

1- God of War

God of War

One of the crown jewels of PlayStation. The modern revival of God of War showed that this saga can work in any context. Moving the story from Greek to Norse mythology didn’t detract from Kratos’ adventures. This mighty son of Olympian gods should have a movie to reveal to the movie world the awesome potential of his epic stories.

2- Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

If we take into account that Grand Theft Auto drinks a lot and very directly from the cinematographic heritage, it would not be unreasonable to think that a gta movie it could work wonderfully well in the movies. It doesn’t have to be an “as is” adaptation, it can just have the right tone and universe. However, if it has to be a more “literal” adaptation, then we’d love to see San Andreas. And with a musical selection full of hip hop, please!

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3- Kill zone

kill zone

A saga of science fiction, politics and action as kill zone it would work like a charm if it were adapted in an audiovisual format, be it film or television. It is one of those video games that if it had a movie, and it was a good adaptation, it would surprise the vast majority. Especially to all those viewers who are not so into the “video game” universes and do not know this franchise.

4- Heavy Rain

heavy rain

we put heavy rain as we could put any other David Cage video game. Even any other game of this genre, visual narrative. However, there is something truly moving and even provocative about Heavy Rain, both in terms of story and narrative. Just imagining an adaptation of this masterpiece… It gives us goosebumps!

5- The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda

We have been waiting all our lives for it to happen and we do not intend to give up our efforts. The Legend of Zelda deserves a movie or a TV series. Perhaps we have lost the best bullet, which was a 2D animated film under the Studios Ghibli label. However, we settle for anything, unless it is done “badly and quickly.” Link deserves to have an audiovisual story. He deserves it. We are not going to stop.

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6- inFamous


This video game saga is not only tremendously fun and addictive, but it also has a golden opportunity to shine and stand out in the cinema. We are in the «Golden Age» of superheroes on the big screen, so… What better than an adaptation of a game with super-powered characters? The “teen” tone of inFamous It could do with it and, with a good casting and a good proposal, it would come out with a very fun action film that is appropriate for the times in which we live.

7- Battlefield


While it is true that war films are a genre in disuse, like westerns or musicals, it is just as true that a good war premiere can eat up the big screen. Ask if not 1917 or Until the last man, to give several recent examples. An adaptation of Battlefield, especially if it has contact with reality and adjusts to historical facts, it would attract a lot of attention. And we would be delighted to see it on the big screen.

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8- Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption

And since we have mentioned the western genre, what could be better than an adaptation of Red Dead Redemption? You don’t even need to focus on taking the video game story and retelling it. No need, really. The same universe, some punctual reference, making a western in conditions and to fly. Singing movie. If it were up to us… Surely we would tell the story of Sadie Adler, which was left pending in the sequel. Hopefully they give it to us one day, even if it’s in theaters.