A ‘big’ title and a ‘new challenge’

In his end-of-year message to fans, maker Hideo Kojima teased two new video game projects, one of which is a “big” title and the other has been described as “a new challenge”.

Kojima made his comments in Famitsu’s annual year-end article interviewing and questioning Japanese developers about their plans for the coming year. He said: “As the boundaries of entertainment are disappearing in the near future, I would like to make this a year where we take a step forward in challenging different media and expressions.”

There have long been rumors that Kojima is on a new Silent Hill game despite its high-profile fallout with Konami. He has repeatedly denied the rumors, but many well-known insiders and journalists have confirmed that they have heard similar reports, so the status of Silent Hill is still a big question mark.

Earlier this month, Kojima said his company Kojima Productions is actively recruiting people for various roles with the goal of creating “original” and “outrageous” AAA titles. Some of the job descriptions advertised talk about creating “high-end projects,” so while we don’t know what Kojima is up to, it’s definitely something “big.”

Elsewhere in Famitsu’s series of interviews, Atlus teased an announcement for 2022.

“The staff is working hard on development to create something that is interesting and satisfying for everyone,” said Shinjirou Takada. “Of Shin Megami Tensei V finally released, we are relieved, although we hope to announce something this year (2022) as well, so stay tuned.”

[Source: Gematsu]