A new report reveals more details about the Activision Blizzard lawsuitrecht

A new report from the website Kotaku has revealed some details regarding the lawsuit Activision Blizzard are currently in as employees walk out of their offices to protest the company’s toxic and harmful culture and the failure of their leaders to respond appropriately.

The details revealed are similar to the rest of the allegations made in that they are difficult and potentially triggering to read. Please consider your own mental health and state of mind before reading the full article.

Kotaku’s report delves deeper into the company’s history, clearly showing a continuing lineage of a toxic culture emerging from those in the highest positions, with photos from social media posts and group chat conversations of top designers all referencing what they called the “Cosby Suite”, a nickname given to the hotel room Alex Afrasiabi stayed in during Blizzcon 2013.

Afrasiabi was fired from the company last year for his mistreatment of colleagues, although Kotaku notes that he joined the company in 2004 and had a reputation for years of harassing female colleagues, according to sources who spoke to the publication.

Source – [Kotaku]