Aaron Eckhart: “The Dark Knight is a reflection of our time”

The Dark Knight, the acclaimed sequel to Batman, is still alive and well with audiences and Aaron Eckhart talked a bit about it.

Batman Inicia marked a before and after in superhero cinema. Before this film, the context of the adaptations always remained mostly in the youthful line and without complications. But Christopher Nolan managed to break with these schemes and change the superhero cinema forever. For this reason, Aaron Eckhart remembers The Dark Knight with great respect.

While the first installment recovered the dark origin of the character. Batman: The Dark Knight was an evolutionary step for comic book adaptations and Heath Ledger’s magnificent work as the Joker was so shocking that not even the Oscars could miss that interpretation. Twelve years after its premiere, the sequel remains firmly among the lists of the best titles and is always all the rage on social networks. Currently, Aaron Eckhart himself, who played Harvey Dent, decided to relate this tape to our present.

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The actor’s reflection

Although the fight between Batman and the Joker is the most important thing in the history of The Dark Knight, the character of Harvey Dent is the center of the moral battle between the hero and the villain. Although Dent represents a bit of hope, one that can spread and spread as much or more than corruption, it is also fragile. In this sense, the film focuses on a common lawyer, but with strong principles, who becomes the object of interest for both sides. During a recent interview for The Hollywood Reporter, Aaron Eckhart spoke on this topic.

“You have a city [Gotham] oppressed and run by a criminal gang. People can’t go out during the day, everyone is afraid for their safety, and the people who are paid to protect you are corrupt. They are part of the gang and no one can be trusted. Sounds familiar? And people look for a superhero to regain their freedom. Not only is it a great story, it’s what cinema and art are really about. It is a reflection of our times ”, commented.