Accessibility Options Horizon Forbidden West

When Horizon Forbidden West launches next week, it will come with a plethora of accessibility options to ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy the game. There are different levels of difficulty, gameplay assists, and options for audio, visual and controller customization. Additionally, Guerrilla Games is monitoring player feedback with the goal of adding more ways to make the game accessible in the future.

Accessibility Options Horizon Forbidden West

When players start the game, subtitles are automatically enabled. Players can change their size and background, while there are also options for the preferred language of subtitles and the game’s audio. Of course, there is also the option to disable the subtitles. Other visual aids include changing camera shake and motion blur, as well as the option to display as much or as little as you want in the game’s HUD.

The volume of music, speech and sound effects can all be controlled separately, while the hearing impaired can switch to Mono Audio feedback. There is also the option to remove sound effects such as machine screams that are similar to Tinnitus sounds. Those playing on PS5 have some extra options to adjust the volume of machine sounds, ambient sounds, and weapon and explosion sounds.

There are five different levels of difficulty, including a Story Mode that reduces combat and brings the story to the forefront. Alternatively, Very Hard cranks battle the most demanding and difficult test for Aloy. In addition to the default options, players can adjust things like the amount of damage Aloy takes and how effective her attacks are, allowing battles to be fine-tuned to a player’s preference. The Easy Loot option eliminates the need for players to detach components from machines to add them to their inventory, making looting for upgrade components a bit easier.

Horizon Forbidden West

While there are controller presets, including one for left-handed support, all gameplay controls can be completely remapped. There are the expected options to invert the X and Y axes, as well as to use the Toggle or Hold buttons. The DualSense accelerometer and gyroscope can be used to make adjustments for aiming shots, while sliders can change the analog stick’s motion sensitivity and dead zones. The controller’s vibrations can be adjusted to your liking, while the adaptive triggers can be disabled.

To help players with more severe visual impairments, there is a Co-pilot system designed with the help of a blind accessibility advisor. This allows a second controller with mirrored controls to access the game alongside the main player. In addition to a second DualSense or DualShock 4 controller, this requires a second profile.

Other gameplay assistants allow players to customize aim assist, concentration duration, game speed while the weapon wheel is active, climb notes, scout markers and guidance, sprint, heal, Shieldwing deployment, and pop-up options. Finally, for those who forget some tutorial instructions or controller settings during the game, there is a Notebook that can be accessed at any time from the game menu. This also provides useful information about NPC characters, machines and data points.

All of the above options will launch with the game on February 18. Guerrilla has said that they will “continue to look for ways to make Horizon Forbidden West even more accessible in the future,” so if you need something in the game and it isn’t there, be sure to let them know.

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