Activision files lawsuit against cheat website

Activision takes legal action against the German cheat website EngineOwning.

Call of Duty: Warzone is not only extremely popular to play, but also to cheat in. The Call of Duty Battle Royale game was so plagued by cheaters that its parent company created Ricochet. Now they want to force EngineOwning to stop selling cheat software. The claims are surprisingly lenient: the publisher is demanding $2,500 from the cheat website, plus the costs of the lawsuit. We are waiting to see what the result of this will be!

Such a lawsuit isn’t new to the gaming landscape: Recently, Ubisoft and Bungie filed a lawsuit against Sue-1, an organization that sells cheats for various online games. A lawsuit for that had proved successful against a group of hackers who sold DDOS software for use in Rainbow Six: Siege.

Activision has been in the courts a lot lately. A lawsuit has been filed against the publisher for sexual harassment in the workplace. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has been sued for workplace misconduct. The tumult has made several other publishers and game companies, such as Xbox and Nintendo, seem distanced from Activision.