After The Fall on PSVR Has Been Delayed Until Later This Year

After the fall was later pushed back to 2021, as a developer Vertigo games says they are close but need more time. The news came from a tweet from the game’s official account and a letter from its creative director, Richard Stitselaar.

“Unfortunately, we have made the necessary decision to delay the multi-platform release of After the fall On PlayStation VR, Oculus Quest 2 and PC VR to later this year,” the letter reads. “After the fall” is well on its way to completion and this extra time will help our team deliver the best four-player co-op experience we can offer.”

You can read the full letter for yourself here:

The release date was not specified beyond “later this year”, although Stitselaar did note that they will have more information ready for us soon, including an update on the beta.

We recently took a look at After the fall back in April of this year, with a new teaser trailer for the game, which you can check out for yourself here: