Age of Empires IV: Season Two is coming!

Some exciting changes are underway for Age of Empires IV: the second season! On Tuesday, 12th of July, you’ll be able to experience a ship packed with new features, including balance changes, quality of life additions, and a fresh start to show off your skills in a new ranked season ranking. This is what you can expect:

  • Reassignable hotkeys
  • Map preferences system
  • Player Color Picker
  • New Map: The Pit
  • Fully unlocked campaigns

Second ranked season

Age of Empires IV Season 2 Ranked Rewards

We will be resetting the ranking ladder and Starting the second ranked season shortly after the main update. The second season will officially start Thursday, July 14 For those looking for another chance at Conqueror!

Do you want to know how you did in the first season? Or do you have any other questions about the ranked season?

Season 2 map rotations

To prepare you for what’s to come, here are the maps you can expect to find in Season 2 of Quick and Ranked Matches.

🌐 Classified Maps

  • Altai
  • dry arabia
  • high view
  • hill and valley
  • lipany
  • mongolian heights (updated!)
  • King of the hill (now ranked!)
  • old needles (updated!)
  • the hole (new map!)

🌐 Quick Match Maps

  • Altai
  • dry arabia
  • high view
  • hill and valley
  • lipany
  • mongolian heights
  • old needles
  • Black Forest
  • boulder bay
  • Confluence
  • french pass
  • King of the hill
  • Mountain’s Port
  • Nagari
  • Danube river
  • the hole (new map!)
  • megarandom (now in quickplay!)

Season 2 Event dates

age of empires iv event one season 2 rewards

We also have some wacky event rewards planned for this season! This time we are moving towards the mythical realm with map-monster thematic seasonal events and rewards!

Age of Discovery Event

July 12 – July 26

By Event Stars and Sea

August 9 – August 23

Deep Event Wonders

September 7 – September 21

modern monster event

October 4 – October 18

Come celebrate with us and join Sage and the age of empires equipment for Trivia in Twitterstarting July 6th a 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time (Noon CST / 17:00 UTC)!