Albert Wesker Voice Actor Denies Leaking Resident Evil 4 Remake Art

DC Douglas, the voice actor behind Resident Evil‘s Albert Wesker, has denied confidential concept art leaked from the unannounced Resident Evil 4 redo.

For those who were at a post-Thanksgiving dinner party over the weekend and failed to keep up with the video game news, a Twitter account posted screenshots of what appears to be direct messages between Douglas and a fan, in which he reportedly shared the artwork seen below. . Once the tweet made the rounds on sites like ResetEraDouglas apparently deleted his Twitter account. However, he has since gone on to claim on Facebook that this is all the work of a “stalker” and that he is not involved in leaks (note: Douglas has come under fire for allegedly engaging in inappropriate, unwarranted sexual conversations with fans over the years, and the tweet below elaborates on that (it seems that’s where Douglas’ “stalker” comment stems from).

People at Eurogamer contacted Capcom for a statement, but the company said it “does not comment on rumors or speculation”. When questioned about Douglas’s claim that he has not been contracted by Capcom on any project, the developer said it “has no announcements about future projects at this time.”