Alien has an alternate ending that ruins the franchise

The Alien franchise is one of the most acclaimed of all time. However, his alternate ending ruins the entire saga.

Over time, Alien It has become one of the most important films in the history of cinema. It has even generated an entire franchise around it. However, his alternate ending might have changed all that. its protagonist, Ellen Ripley, is an intelligent, determined, sensible and tenacious woman. She is the only one who survives in the spaceship Nostromo and defeat the terrible Xenomorph. However, this was not always the original ending of the film. Ridley Scottas explained in ScreenRant.

The alternate ending of Alien would have kept the character of Sigourney Weaver as a survivor, but only until the end. She would have been the last to die. Similar to what happened, Ripley would open the airlock, but the Xenomorph would grab onto that door instead of being lost in space. The woman would fire a harpoon at the creature, but it would do no good. The alien would have lunged at Ripley and shattered her helmet, ripping her head off.

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Since then, since 1979, Ripley has grown exponentially to become one of the great heroines of cinema. She assumed a role that then always fell into the hands of a man and became an icon for all women. She marked a before and after. If the alternate ending of Alien Had it come to pass, Ripley’s reputation as a character who defied gender roles might not have been as effective. Putting her to death, in fact, would have removed all prominence from her.

A sequel would never have been possible with this alternate ending

Ellen Ripley in Alien

The franchise of Alien It has expanded without restraint since it was released. And, yes, it would be considerably worse if this alternate ending had happened. In the first place, its sequel would lose the plot line, since it returns to star Sigourney Weaver. The two films have a similar premise. The main conflict, aside from the Xenomorph, stems from the trauma of the first story. The new team doesn’t take her seriously. They react skeptically to his claims. For example, Burke he claims the eggs to research their usefulness in bioweapons and this creates a lot of tension. If Ripley had died, his sequel wouldn’t have had a familiar face to turn the story around. In fact, it would have been even more difficult to sell a sequel. Not only for killing off all the characters in the first one, but for how innovative she was with “limits of terror.”

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Ultimately, this alternate ending of Alien did not come to fruition. Ridley Scott introduced him to the studio and the studio hated him from the start. They basically told him not to do it or he would be fired. Keeping Ripley Alive allowed her to star in more films in the franchise, directed by such filmmakers as james cameron or David Fincher. And it has made room for sequels, prequels, and other artistic interpretations of xenomorphic mythology.