Alien will have a new movie and Ridley Scott will not be the director

They have just announced a new installment of Alien and the creator of the saga Ridley Scott will only act as producer.

There are plans for 20th Century Studios make up to 10 movies a year on the streaming platform Hulu of its film franchises. One of the most important it has is Alien and they have hired the director Faith Alvarez (Hell Possession and Don’t Breathe) for a new independent installment. The creator of the original film, Ridley Scottwill act as producer through Scott Free Productions.

For now there are very few details about the plot of this new feature film Alien. But it has been described as “a story disconnected from the previous films”. In addition, it will have nothing to do with the series that they are also preparing for Hulu what are you doing Noah Hawleyresponsible of Legion and Fargo.

Fede Álvarez is a director who is very capable of doing something impressive.

the way up Alien: This director became known thanks to a short film entitled Panic attack of 2009. Then sam raimi gave him a shot in Hollywood with the reboot of Hell Possession / Evil Dead 2013. After working on the series of open until dawnpremiered his great success, entitled Do not breathe 2016, a film that had a budget of 10 million and grossed about 157 million worldwide.

Lastly, he launched Millennium: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger in 2018 and has made the series calls, which is about a group of strangers talking on the phone about an apocalyptic event. He will now be in charge of Alien, a very successful franchise that can elevate him as one of the best directors today.

Although the film and the series of Alien that they are preparing for Hulu in the United States, the rest of the world will reach Disney Plus, the streaming platform that can be accessed with this link.