All references to The Godfather in The Sopranos

The Sopranos and The Godfather have always had a “special relationship”. We show you all the references in the HBO series!

A fun video has come to light that compiles all the references to The Godfather that exist in The Sopranosthe television series HBO. The masterpiece of Francis Ford Coppola, which is now going to have a television series on how it was shot, established in 1972 the model for the fiction of mafiosi in the cinema. In fact, the series David Chase starring Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) he followed that model to the letter, while also putting his own spin on the classic mythology of the Italian-American mobster.

Logically, David Chase has never been shy about giving credit to the films they inspired. The Sopranos. His story about a mafia family in New Jersey It is heavily influenced by popular culture. Thanks in part to her willingness to take a cue from movies like The Godfather or One of oursthis series kicked off the era of modern television from its inception in 1999 to its conclusion in 2007. Surprisingly, this HBO series seems even more relevant today, having a “second life” thanks to streaming.

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A series full of mafia influences

A video posted by Yaron Baruch Collect all referrals you make The Sopranos towards the movie The Godfather. We share it with you below!

What do you think? The truth is that some of these references were direct and funny, like the legendary and unforgettable sequence in which Silvio Dante imitates To the Pacino. Other winks are more subtle, coming to refer only to how some scenes of The Godfather were filmed. There is even a direct reference to oranges from Don Vito Corleonein the form of a bottle of orange juice.

The video also looks at how the theme works in both cases, delving into common mob movie themes like family, loyalty and, of course, the difficulties of doing criminal business and running a “normal life”.