Alpine Warfare awaits you on September 13 in WW1 FPS Isonzo

We are delighted to announce that our Italian World War I FPS sonzo has a release date, and you can wishlist it now on Xbox! The battle for the Alps will begin on May 31, 2022. To celebrate the news, we have a trailer showing off a new map!

The battle for Italy was very different from the fighting elsewhere during World War I. The most obvious difference is the landscapes you will be fighting over. While there are trenches and barbed wire as you’d expect, rather than muddy fields and shell craters, what surrounds you are stunning views of the mountains, as you can see in the trailer.

One of the highlights of sonzo are the maps based on specific offensives and story locations – in sonzo our goal is to recreate the situations and challenges the soldiers would have faced. The city of San Martino del Carso is an example: it is an important part of the Monte San Michele map, which in turn is one of the three maps that make up the Sixth Battle of Isonzo offensive. We did a lot of research, including geographic data, trench maps, and key landmarks to establish a realistic foundation, and then built gameplay elements on top of that to fit the historical facts. In addition to San Martino del Carso, there is the entrance to the Schönburg Tunnel, camps in the “dolinas” (sinkholes in the landscape) and trenches in the rock of the Carso plateau. The map in the trailer is based on the fight for the “Sasso di Sesto” during August 1915: this “small” mountain has a peak of 2,539 meters (8,330 feet) above sea level! For comparison, the highest-altitude trench dug during the war was at an incredible 3,850 meters (12,630 feet), near the top of Ortler Mountain.

We’ve worked hard to capture the feel of this epic battlefield visually, but also in-game. One of the classes you can choose from is the Mountaineer, as each faction that fought in the Alps had some dedicated mountain troops. The Mountaineer focuses on mobility and support, being able to identify enemies and provide targets for artillery with his flare gun, increase the accuracy of player-manned mortars, and quickly navigate the battlefield while climbing and running. . Other classes include Officers to lead assaults and fire flares at target support (from artillery and gas to reconnaissance biplane), assault troops with grenades and sometimes light machine gunners, snipers, frontline riflemen, but also engineers. They are skilled demolitionists, but in sonzo It’s not just about destruction…

high rise construction

During World War I, soldiers spent a lot of time building defenses; In addition to the familiar trenches, barbed wire and sandbags used to be an essential part of any fortified position. Players can now establish their own strongpoints by placing cables and sandbags! The interface is simple, where you choose what you want to build and see a ghost of the item appear in front of you. Once you’re happy with the position, accept and then start building. Try not to get shot in the process!

In sonzo We wanted to reflect how prevalent such defenses were during WW1, especially barbed wire, and it’s very possible to block the enemy team’s progress entirely with defenses and force them to fight instead of just being able to turn around. Historically, the Italian Army had a hard time fighting through the wire, and in sonzo Our goal is to capture that kind of desperate fight as you try to protect or push back the engineers cutting and reinforcing the wire lines. Sometimes an entire battle can be reduced to a roll of barbed wire placed by one player!

Engineers don’t have much fun building: several classes have perks that will allow them to drop supply crates for ammo or grenades, and the Mountaineer can build trench periscopes, which anyone can use to spot enemies from a safe location. And don’t forget that building isn’t just for defenders – attacking soldiers have the same options. Taken together, the build options in sonzo create a much more dynamic battlefield and give players more options.

Get ready to climb the mountain soon…

Before launch, you can make a wish list sonzo on Xbox and follow us for the latest development news as we add the finishing touches.

See you at the summit on September 13!