Andrew Garfield explains the keys to Spider-Man’s success

Actor Andrew Garfield starred in The Amazing Spider-Man saga and now there are many rumors about his return to character at Marvel Studios.

Spider-man was created by Stan lee and Steve Ditko in the year 1962, since then he has become the favorite superhero of many people over the decades and in a recent interview Andrew Garfield has revealed why it is so popular and will continue to be so for many years to come. He also deeply believes that there will be no saturation of the character despite the fact that in the last 20 years they have made 8 films and he has participated in 3 more of Marvel Studios, not forgetting an animated feature film that won the Oscar in 2019.

“I’m afraid I can’t think we’ll get tired of Spider-Man”. Said Andrew Garfield in a recent interview. “It’s like Hamlet, like you can never have enough Hamlets or Macbeths. I’ll vouch for the character for a second in the sense that he’s the only superhero he’s covered in from head to toe. You don’t see the color of the skin, you don’t. If you see sexual orientation, you don’t see any of those things. Everyone can project themselves in the suit, and I think that is why he is probably the most universally loved superhero, in all cultures and in all races ”.

“I think so. I really believe it ”. Andrew Garfield added. “And there is also something common in Peter Parker that everyone can project into.”

“So for me, when my term ended and Tom Holland’s term began, it was… I don’t share that there is some saturation, I’m afraid. I was very happy and very excited. And yes, it was the first Halloween costume when I was three years old. My mom made it with felt, it was a beautiful thing. So I get it, it makes me hungry. It’s something I can’t stop seeing ”. Andrew Garfield concluded.

Will he return to character?

For now it has not been confirmed that it will be in Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021), but there are many rumors about the return of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire to the character next to Tom holland. Although both have denied it and if that does not happen, many people will be disappointed with Marvel Studios. For now we can only wait for it to premiere on December 17, 2021.

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