ANNO Mutationem will be released in March

2D-meets-3D cyberpunk game ANNO: Mutationem will release on March 17 on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC, developer ThinkingStars and publisher Lightning Games have announced. The game was first revealed as a PS4 game in 2019 as part of PlayStation’s China Hero Project, and was originally slated for release in December 2020, but was delayed twice. The second came from ThinkingStars who also wanted to release the game on PS5.

What is ANNO: Mutationem about?

ANNO: Mutationem is an action-adventure with RPG elements. Players take on the role of Ann Flores, who has combat skills and is on a personal mission in a world dominated by mega-corporations, fringe groups and bizarre creatures. According to community manager Martho Ghariani, ThinkingStars was inspired by classics like Ghost in the Shell.

“We’re going to blast the shady neon-drenched city of Noctis, full of cyborg entertainers, hologram V-tuber performances and a sky composed of infinite heights and future cityscapes,” Ghariani wrote on the PlayStation Blog. “We also visit the little European-style streets of Margarita, where Ann’s sister Nakamura runs the family business.” ANNO: Mutationem has players who earn extra as a bartender for some money, and Ann will have plenty of outfits to choose from if she’s not wearing a battle suit.

“While Ann is on the road to find her missing brother, sometimes you just have to sit back: wash dishes, read a newspaper for local news, do your sidequest with mysterious megastar idols, or solve the mysterious case of the strangled neighbor,” Ghariani added. ready.

ANNO: Mutationem is getting both a standard edition and a deluxe edition. The latter comes with the official soundtrack and an artbook.

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