Annual Call of Duty releases may be over

According to a new report, some developers behind Call of Duty no longer want to release a new iteration every year.

Since 2005, a new Call of Duty has been released every year and with that we now have a fixed release in October/November for 16 years in a row (not to mention Mobile and Black Ops Declassified (on the PlayStation Vita). All eight studios now have new Call Of Duty content, three of which are studios ((Infinity Ward, Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games) that mainly focus on new games. Yet these types of companies still have to push to release every three years bring a new game.

No more annual Call of Duty?!

According to Bloomberg a number of “high-ranking employees” are considering whether this tactic of releasing new parts every year is still useful. They are even at the point where they are wondering if they can do this.

This also has to do with the release of Call of Duty Vanguard, which was one of the worst selling volumes of the past decade. In addition, there are still quite a few problems in Warzone due to the integration of Caldera, which was added at the same time as Vanguard.

Additionally, Toys For Bob, Beenox, Demonware, High Moon Studios, Radical Entertainment and Vicarious Visions have been put on Call of Duty from their own projects. This seems to open the door for another IP a bit. However, this does not mean that Microsoft has a different vision for Activision, as it (if all goes well) will become the new owner of the publisher. Because if Phil Spencer would rather see a new iteration every year, then the developers have to listen to that. What do you hope will happen to the series? Let us know in the comments!