Ant-Man’s screenwriter hasn’t seen the movie yet

Edgar Wright, the director behind Last Night in Soho, was the screenwriter for Ant-Man. However, the writer commented something very particular about his work at the UCM.

Normally, when something is done and waiting for a result, the author is the most awaited to see how it came out, as it could represent their pride or frustration. On HollywoodFor example, when a movie or series is released, it is imagined that the developers will be the most interested in the premiere, as this way their skills will be evaluated. However, every rule has exceptions. Apparently this is not the case Edgar wright, who was the screenwriter of Ant-Man. According to the editor, he has not yet wanted to see the film. Incredible as it may sound, he gave logical reasons why he stands firm in his decision. These were his words

«I decided not to watch it so I would never have to tell people what I thought about it. That said, I once happened to be on a plane and a guy next to me was watching her and that was a bit awkward«Commented the filmmaker. Now, knowing this … What is your opinion of the position of the creative?

Now, leaving the UCM aside, the librettist has been working in recent months on a psychological horror project. Is about Last Night in Soho, a project that will explore new facets for everyone involved. On this occasion, the professional will act as director of the delivery.

Now, the creative sits down to wait for the critics on the premiere of his most recent work in the direction, which is starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Matt smith, having a release date for Friday, October 29. For its part, the third installment of the saga of Ant Man It will hit theaters on July 28, 2023.

Source: Reddit