Anya Taylor-Joy could play Felicia Hardy in Black Cat

Sony is planning a movie starring Black Cat and is considering Anya Taylor-Joy for the role

Anya Taylor-Joy is one of the most sought-after actresses on the current film scene. From roles on the hit Netflix series, Lady’s gambit, passing by Last night in Soho by Edgar Wright, until taking on the role of Charlize Theron as Furious in the next prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road. So it should not be surprising that she is being considered to star in a superhero film and according to rumors, everything indicates that she could do it in a movie of Black cat as Felicia Hardy, a role she assumed in The Amazing Spider-man 2, Felicity Jones.

A source close to Sony has leaked that the studio is considering Anya Taylor-Joy playing Felicia Hardy, also known as Black Cat, in a solo movie for the character, and given the success of Spider-Man: No Way HomeIt seems that Sony wants to take advantage of the downwind for the launch of several films of its properties linked to the wall-crawler.

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Bring to the big screen Black cat It is a project the studio has been working on for many years, including a film in which it teamed up with Silver Sable, a project that was never heard from again.

Anya Taylor-Joy perfect for the character

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The role of Black Cat would certainly fit like a glove on Anya Taylor-Joy, her piercing face is enough to bring the character to life and the actress has shown her capabilities in several different roles. She has even had experience in the realm of comic book-based superhero movies when she played Magik in The New Mutants. He definitely has the skills to headline his own solo superhero movie, and a superhero movie. Black cat it could be the perfect opportunity for the actress.

If Anya Taylor-Joy signed for a feature film by Black cat, it will be interesting to see how it works for the character. Felicia Hardy is often portrayed as a thief and on many occasions as an ally of Spider-Man. The two have also become romantically entangled, and now that they’ve rebooted the character by taking Tom Holland’s Peter Parker out of Zendaya’s MJ, it makes sense that the wall-crawler’s natural evolution ends up crossing his path with that of the thief, and his story could work whether or not Marvel Studios was involved in its production.

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