Apex Legends Control is a new team-based Domination game mode

Apex Legends gets a new temporary mode ‘Control’, in which two teams of players are placed in an infinite respawn, domination-style match. Each team consists of 9 players each, with each player choosing standardized equipment. The game mode will be available for the first three weeks of Season 12, which will likely be released on February 8, 2022. The upcoming season will also come with a new legend: Mad Maggy, the announcer of season 8.

What does Apex Legends’ Control game mode look like?

As with most team-based modes in the first-person shooter genre, Control game mode will see two teams of 9 players compete to capture control points to win. Like the Domination game mode in Duty, there will likely be several points to capture. Unlike the usual Apex Legends, players can also respawn as many times as they want. It’s not confirmed whether players will use the same character if they’re on the same team – though it’s possible given the game’s increasing roster size.

Besides the return of the Olympus map, Apex Legends also gets a new legend called Mad Maggy. The character previously appeared in Season 8 as the childhood friend turned nemesis of the legend Fuse. Maggy was initially thought to be dead, but is now back and will be forced to join the Apex games as punishment. Respawn Entertainment will likely reveal more details about the character’s gear and abilities on January 27, 2022.

You can use the Apex Legends Season 12 teaser trailer below:

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[Source: Respawn Entertainment]