Apex Legends Emergence Update Details Map and Weapon Changes

Apex Legends The Emergence update is coming in a few weeks and will bring a host of changes that are sure to spice up the meta and keep people on their toes. Included are massive changes to the World’s Edge map, three new Arenas locations, a new thermite grenade powered Rampage LMG and, of course, the new legend Seer. The 10th season of Apex Legends officially launches on August 3, 2021.

The last time we talked about the new legend, Ziener, there was a lot of speculation about exactly how the flamboyant moth man would work. Now we finally have confirmation of the character’s skill names and details. Below is a brief description of each:

  • Passive: Heart Finder – The seer can see the nearby enemy’s heartbeat while aiming at landmarks
  • Tactical: Focus of attention – Seer unleashes microdrones in front of him and marks all enemies in the area with a slight delay. Also interrupts healing and revives, revealing enemy locations and health to Seer and his teammates for eight seconds.
  • Ultimate: Exhibition – Creates an orb of microdrones released from his ventricle that marks all enemies firing weapons or moving fast for Seer and his teammates to see. Can be destroyed by damaging Seer’s ventricle device, such as Crypto or Horizon’s ultimates.

Some other legends are also getting much-needed improvements and nerfs in the coming season.

  • Biting fans will be happy to know that his gas will now take more damage every second, instead of the 5 damage fixed value (although the gas will last 5 seconds less than before).
  • Horizon will also be able to move much more freely while using her gravity lift, similar to how the pre-nerf was in season 7, although apparently not as easy as before.
  • Fuse’s Knuckle Cluster lasts twice as long, 6 seconds. His Ultimate, the Motherlode, will also mark enemies, even through walls.
  • Revenant finally gets a nerf, as enemies get an audio cue and visual indication when his Death Protection is about to end.

World’s Edge, as seen in the Emergence gameplay trailer below, is getting a complete makeover with many POIs being wiped out or replaced with new buildings and terrain. The biggest change is that the lava fissure will expand into the refinery, completely destroying the building and replacing it with the new Climatizer POI.

Sorting Factory has also received the same treatment, replaced by Lava Siphon. Both areas also feature a new dynamically moving gondola that allows enough moving cover to transport players across the lava-filled canyon. Additionally, Trainyard is also gone (thank goodness) and replaced by a more simplified Landslide POI with open terrain and fewer structures.

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Finally, players can also destroy doors with the Rampage LMG by charging it with a Thermite grenade. Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that the new weapon will use heavy ammunition and fire slower than the Spitfire. Speaking of which, both the Spitfire and Alternator go to the care pack, while the Prowler returns to ground loot – although unfortunately limited to burst fire mode. Below is a full list of all weapon changes:

  • Removed Anvil Receiver and Quick Draw, Pistols will automatically have Quick Draw implemented (less effect than usual, however)
  • L-Star can now attach barrel stabilizers and extended power magazines. Energy mag will reduce the cool down instead of adding ammunition.
  • Added Boosted Loader hop-up, applies to Hemlock and Wingman and lets players reload faster and deliver bonus ammo if reloaded at the right time.
  • Sniper rifles can now attach sniperstocks attach
  • Alternator has automatically equipped Disruptor Rounds, causing more damage to shields.

You can view the official one Apex Legends Emergence Update Gameplay Trailer Below:


The 10th season of Apex Legends officially launches on August 3, 2021