Apex Legends introduces never-before-seen playlist modifiers at the War Games Collection Event

While we’re the end of it Mayhemseason, Respawn Entertainment Apex Legends announced the War Games, a new event featuring never-before-seen playlist modifiers, a new reward path and a new set of challenges.

In Apex Legends War Games will take a few days for each new playlist modifier, but players will want to return to earn cosmetic items and goodies. Including the Epic Rampart and 30-30 skins, five unlockable Battle Pass levels and more XP challenges that are renewed daily. In addition, five modes will take over the normal Play Apex playlists in quick succession when War Games kicks off next Tuesday, including:

  • Second Chance (Tuesday 4/13 – Thursday 4/15): This modifier, which kicks off the event, gives each Legend one free respawn per match; once a Legend is killed, a Respawn Token is consumed to revive the player in the current location, while retaining all of his weapons and equipment. After a short while, the player returns high in the air, so that he can dive back into the action by skydiving.
  • Ultra Zones (Thursday 4/15 – Monday 4/19): Prepare for multiple Hot Zones in one map, more Epic loot and gold items. Each Hot Zone is enveloped by a Flash Point – huge glowing bubbles that restore HP and shields when inside. In this mode, consumables are still available through the loot pool in the normal way.
  • Car Banners (Monday 4/19 – Wednesday 4/21): This modifier adds a small, but spicy change to squad member respawns, allowing players to automatically pick up their Squadmates Banner Cards! Players don’t have to loot their death box to find their Banner Cards – they can just go straight to a respawn beacon. The loot pool has been changed to include more Mobile Respawn Beacons.
  • Killing Time (Wednesday 4/21 – Friday, 4/23): This event speeds up the match as soon as Legends die; during a round, the time is shortened each time a Legend dies. If a specific round is a carnage, close the ring extra quickly, so players must keep an eye on the round timer to survive this modifier.
  • Armor Rain (Friday 4/23 – Tuesday 4/27): To conclude the War Games, the Armor Regen recovers in this latter mode at a rate of 12 points per second. When players take damage, their armor begins to recover after an 8-second delay; this delay is doubled to 16 seconds if a player’s armor is cracked.

Finally, we have a few new skins! Pathfinder, Wraith, Lifeline, Gibby, Mirage and Bloodhound all get some revamped interpretations of classic looks to celebrate the War Games, so make sure to check out the Apex Shop.