Apex Legends players will get free characters and Apex packs to log in during Season 12 launch

Apex Legends new season, defiance, starts next month on February 8, 2022. On top of that comes a slew of changes, but it turns out the launch will also include some player rewards just for logging in.

During the first three weeks of Season 12 Defiance, by just logging in, players will earn different rewards every week. The rewards in question are access to a new legend, namely Octane the first week, Wattson the second, and Valkyrie the third.

In addition to accessing those three legends, you also get three thematic Apex Packs every week, and a legendary pack in the last week.

If you already have one of the above mentioned legends, just get the Apex Packs it seems like.

To grab your free legend and theme packs, all you need to do is log in from February 8-15, 2022 rewards for the first weeks. Then anytime from February 15-22 the second week, and February 22 – March 1 the last week.

It’s always nice to get these kinds of free rewards just by logging in, and even if you already have these legends, it’s great for players just starting out to try out a character outside of the starting lineup.

Source – [Respawn Entertainment]