Apex Legends PS5 is coming

Apex Legends will soon be getting a native PS5 version. The game made an appearance on the PlayStation Network database today, although EA has not yet announced a release date for their promised next-gen version.

How big is Apex Legends on PS5?

Apex Legends will be over 80 GB on PlayStation 5 and that’s without updates, according to the database entry noted by PlayStation game size on Twitter. Developer Respawn Entertainment had promised fans earlier in August that a PS5 and Xbox Series X|S update was underway and that a target of 120FPS was “high on the priority list.” For now, PS5 players will have to make do with playing the PS4 version on their consoles via backwards compatibility, although the game does get a performance boost to 1440p on PS5.

Many players believe that the PS5 version will be released alongside Season 12, which is likely to be released in February. No details about the upcoming season have been released as of yet, but every new season introduces at least a new Legend and Battle Pass. The current season’s Battle Pass will expire on February 8. This suggests a Season 12 launch date of February 9.

In other news, Final Fantasy XIV digital sales will finally start again later this month after developer Square Enix took steps to ease the extreme congestion their servers have endured in recent months. Data center expansions will occur throughout the year. Elsewhere, a plague from Insomniac that it contained an undiscovered Easter egg Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart has sent fans on a treasure hunt.