Apex Legends Season 12 Olympus Changes Detailed, Kings Canyon Returned In Rotation

Apex Legends new season will see some new changes but also the return of things missed in Season 11. Namely Olympus and Kings Canyon, two cards taken out of rotation for Season 11 to give players time to familiarize themselves with storm point.

This is coming Season 12, each card will somehow be back in rotation. Olympus, King’s Canyon, and storm point will all be in rotation for unranked lobbies while ranked will be the exclusive home of The edge of the world.

As for the changes coming to Olympus, there are quite a few. So much that respawn published a blog post written by Alex Graner, a level designer at respawn.

Some of the key points are that some points of interest (POIs) have been moved around the map, while an all-new south side has been added with brand new POIs for players to explore.

One of them, the Phase Driver, has an interactive device that will phase three loot rolls. Every time you use it, it’s guaranteed to have at least one gold-coated ball, and there’s a 45-second cooldown before it can be used again.

Of course, using the device comes at a cost, which is the loud noise the device makes when it is used. It warns enemy squads of your position, and you could potentially have collected some great loot for them instead of yourself.

Solar system and bonsai are two of the POIs that were moved without being destroyed, and Terminal is a new POI associated with Phase Driver.

For more details and images about the changes to Olympus, you can check out the full blog post at the official website here.

Of course, the full changes will be detailed in patch notes, and players will be able to fully experience the changes within a few days.

Source – [Respawn]