Apex Legends World’s Edge & Storm Point Designer Rodney Reece Leaves Respawn

Apex Legends has become one of the most prominent battle royales since launch, and part of that success can be attributed to the great cards players can lay around.

One of the people responsible for two of the most popular cards in the game, The edge of the world and storm point just announced that he is leaving respawn.

Level designer Rodney Reece is going to pasture again from Respawn, although it is not yet known where he is going.

World’s Edge has been a fan favorite map since launch and even during major changes. Storm Point is the latest map to enter the game, and it quickly became loved by fans as well.

Prior to his time at Respawn, Reece worked at Bad Dog On Uncharted 2 proceed to Lost Legacyand The last of us.

He is clearly a very talented developer with a lot of experience on his belt, so what he does next is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Source – [Twitter]