Apple makes minor changes to iPadOS and watchOS – Critical Hit

In addition to many major changes to iOS 15, Apple was also eager to show off some additional features coming to its iPadOS 15 and its “ever-popular watchOS 8,” which powers its Apple Watches.

iPad OS 15

On iPadOS, there was nothing exciting to show off, although it’s clear Apple wants its iPads to be taken more seriously as productivity tools rather than time wasters with improvements to split screen mode to increase people’s ability to multi-task and ultimately more. to do. This includes making access to split screen mode much easier and various settings that allow you to configure the split screen experience in a way that works best for your productivity.

iPadOS is also getting better home screen customization, allowing for better placement of widgets and less clutter so people can access the information they need, especially during a busy day. There’s also a standalone Translate app coming to iPadOS and a new QuickNote feature that lets you add notes to webpages and other areas of iPadOS for easier retrieval.

watchOS 8

As for watches, the focus remains purely on improving effectiveness in health and wellness tracking, with new apps for mindful, tai chi and pilates, and an improved ability to track your breathing rate while you sleep and alert you if it falls outside your normal patterns.

There will also be plenty of new watch faces and the ability to use a photo taken with your iPhone and put text and other information behind your photo-perfect mugshots. There will also be more shortcuts to commonly used devices and the ability to view security camera feeds so you can integrate your Apple Watch into your everyday life and all the different smart devices you have. And in case you ever need to time more things at once, there are simultaneous timers available that should come in handy for organizing our day and keeping track of how much time you spend on different things. However, it sounds much more appealing to do nothing instead.

Apple may not win groundbreaking innovation awards with these new features, but by making small evolutions, it can stay ahead of most of the competition in features that make their overall ecosystem that much more powerful.

Last updated: June 9, 2021