Apple’s new update prevents MacBooks from damaging third-party dongles

Apple's new update prevents MacBooks from damaging third-party dongles 3

Apple has always tried to be a company that maintains a closed ecosystem, with hardware and software that work well together, but only if it is Apple and generally tries to prevent users from using other third-party hardware with their devices.

This decision has given them a strong grip on their own quality and one of the reasons why Apple has a very good reputation in that area. However, the closed ecosystem often causes issues with certain third-party hardware, which in turn has a knock-on effect on that quality control. This has recently happened to some of the latest Macbooks that got damaged when connected to USB-C hubs and third-party docks (as described in MacRumours). Yes, that’s right, Apple’s laptops were so elitist, they literally died in disgust for having to work with farm-level hubs and docks. The outrage.

Apple's new update prevents MacBooks from damaging third-party dongles 4

Rather than forcing their customers to buy only expensive first-party things, Apple has decided to fix the problem and make their laptops play better with these third-party devices. How nice of them. Apple is rolling out the new update for all Macs that fix this issue, along with some minor performance and security updates in the process.

However, it is not a common problem with Apple as Microsoft also runs into these issues from time to time. Especially considering the growing number of different third-party manufacturers out there. The only difference is that Microsoft may just be used to it and run these kinds of updates on a regular basis, while it’s less common with Apple. While they might ideally want to stay in a closed ecosystem as much as possible, it’s not really feasible in this big tech world.

Last updated: March 1, 2021