Armored Core 6 Leaks: A New Game Is Coming According to Software Rumors

Armored core 6 rumor has it that it is in development from Elden Ring maker of software. The game is said to have been revealed through a consumer investigation, from which some details about the alleged sequel have been leaked.

Armored Core 6 leaks revealed by From Software survey

The consumer survey, posted by user on Resetera Red Licorice, reportedly contained a “description, screenshots, and two 30-second-style videos of gameplay.” According to the user, the first video featured a boss fight and the second featured in-world gameplay of a snow field.

The survey was also revealed, detailing some details about the game. Dubbed “the sci-fi world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki”, Armored Core 6 will reportedly take place on the planet Bashtar and feature a “multi-layered story”. The map will be “huge and three-dimensional,” with the research indicating that players can “feel the scale of the mecha universe.” There will be a wide variety of maps with some challenging enemies, with promising replayability.

The research shows that battles will include both long-range combat with guns and close-range combat with weapons such as swords and shields. The mechs also offer three-dimensional movement that “no human can imitate”, with a high degree of freedom in customization that allows players to “reconfigure body parts and weapons”, allowing them to build a mech that suits their playstyle. One given example is a mech that focuses on close range combat and mobility and one that emphasizes firepower that can deal massive damage to a number of enemies at once.

Considering that armored core‘s last mainline episode was 2012, fans have been waiting for a new entry in the sci-fi third-person shooter series for a while now. an expansion, Armored Core: Verdict Day, was released in 2013, but fans of the series have been waiting for the next real chapter in this story.

while this assumed Armored core 6 leak contains a lot of detail, as always, take it with a grain of salt until From Software makes a formal announcement. For now, the developer is working on the upcoming RPG of Elden Ring, so don’t expect a big reveal until after the RPG launches.

In other news, Half-life: Alyx is reportedly coming to the PSVR 2. It was also revealed that Horizon Forbidden West would not feature any “boring” side missions.