Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best advice

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been an action movie legend since the ’70s, and he also imparts his time-honored wisdom.

The filmography of arnold schwarzenegger is full of successes, since she has starred in films such as terminator, Conan, Predator, Total challenge, nursery cop, Risky lies, The mercenaries and much more. So he shares his knowledge of the film business with his children, as some of them have wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Joseph Baena 24 years old is one of the sons of arnold schwarzenegger and is currently beginning to stand out in his film career and we will soon see him in chariot Y Bully High.

Now, he wanted to share some of the advice his famous father has given him:

“My dad gives me what I like the most, not generic because it’s like really good advice, but it’s like: Oh, I feel like I already knew that. Just like with acting and stuff, it’s always about the reps. Just practice, until you can say it. Everybody always comes to me like: How do you learn all these lines? I say: Well, it’s through replays and it’s what my dad told me.”

“Once you can say these lines while you’re doing the dishes, you’re doing the laundry, someone’s trying to interrupt you, then you can say them whenever you want. When the camera is moving and you’re saying these lines, you’ve got the boomstick in your face, the cameras, moving, maybe your scene partner misses a line or something and you have to improvise really fast, a car is going by, like this that they have to cut it right there. You just have to keep going.”

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In time we will know if Joseph Baena has a film career similar to his father arnold schwarzenegger. Since not always the children of famous actors can follow in the footsteps of their parents.

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