Ask Development of a new South Park game

Question is the team behind titles like The magic circle and The Blackout Club, and their next project takes them to South Park.

After the creators recently confirmed that a new south Park game was in development, we now know who the team behind that project is.

The news came from a job posting posted to: Twitter, which was noticed by the website Eurogamer.

Although this is the first time Question going to pop South Park franchise, that’s not really the case for his team. According to the list and ask website, their team is partly built with developers from South Park Stick Of Truth and Broken but whole.

So it’s safe to say whatever this game is, it’s in good hands. The South Park games surprised audiences with their high quality bar as RPGs go, so it will at the very least be interesting to see where the franchise goes.

Source – [Twitter, via Eurogamer]