Avatar The Last Airbender RPG and MMORPG in Development

There’s some pretty big news for fans of the Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon series. There are reportedly several games in development right now, including an Avatar The Last Airbender RPG for consoles. In addition to a previously announced mobile game from Square Enix, an MMORPG is also coming. While details are still scarce, reports indicate we’ll likely hear more about the unannounced titles in the near future.

What does the Avatar The Last Airbender RPG look like?

According to an insider from Avatar News, there are currently a total of four Avatar games in development at various studios in conjunction with Paramount’s new Avatar Studios. The Avatar RPG will reportedly be set in the time of Avatar Aang. In addition, at least one of the four games will feature characters from the original animated series, recast with new voice actors from native and Asian backgrounds. While this is similar to the approach for the upcoming Netflix live-action series, they note that the voice actors will likely be completely separate.

In addition, the insider notes that while the console title is described as an “RPG,” there may be elements that overlap with other action titles. The rumored title has been in secret development for quite some time. They also theorize that the console RPG could be the game with voice acting rearranged, as the voice casting took place around the same time as the start of development.

Opinion: We’re finally getting a detailed ATLA game

André writes… I never expected a fully fleshed out console title from the Avatar: The Last Airbender series, let alone more than a decade after the original series ended. Too little too late? Possibly. But judging by the series’ continued popularity with The Legend of Korra and an active internet fandom, it’s hardly surprising that Paramount is going all-in. All that remains is whether the final product will be able to stand on its own as a good game, or put it aside like all the other cartoon adaptations.

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