Babylon’s Fall PS5 has flopped

Babylon’s Fall PS5 version is officially the worst-rated console exclusively on Sony’s next-gen platform, beating people like Godfall. The game has also become PlatinumGames’ worst-rated release, with a Metacritic score of 41 percent based on six critics’ reviews. There’s a small chance that this rating will improve as more reviews are published, but from the looks of it, it’s unlikely to exceed 45/100 (which is generous). Babylon’s Fall’s PS4 version currently has no Metacritic critiques, and the PC version peaked at a whopping 650 concurrent players on Steam, according to Video Games Chronicle.

Babylon’s Fall PS5 was doomed from the start

Babylon’s Fall looked bad ahead of its release, and beta testing was enough to gauge that Square Enix’s latest live service effort was heading for disaster. The graphics are dated, the microtransactions have been criticized and the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired, according to those who have played the game. It also doesn’t help that Babylon’s Fall was sandwiched between the highly anticipated Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring, but the release date doesn’t change its sad state. Outside of Metacritic, a quick Google search of Babylon’s Fall reviews yields a string of bad scores, with one outlet aptly calling it a live “disservice.”

Opinion: Square Enix’s Live Service Obsession Doesn’t Make Sense

Zamena writes… With games like Final Fantasy XIV in its portfolio, Square Enix has developed an unhealthy obsession with live service and seems to see little point in learning from its failures. This is the same company that blamed Crystal Dynamics for Marvel’s Avengers and I’m sure it’s gearing up to blame PlatinumGames for Babylon’s Fall, despite being behind the direction of both. If it’s not obsessed with live service, Square Enix is ​​setting unrealistic sales targets for its single-player games, only to turn around and announce that they’ve all fallen short of expectations. Does anyone in Square Enix management see a pattern here? Come on…

In other news, Epic Games suspends trading in Russia but won’t block access to its games, and the PS5 version of GTA V is further detailed.