Back 4 Blood does not include Left 4 Dead’s campaign vs mode

Turtle Rock Studios has confirmed that the upcoming zombie shooter Back 4 Blood will not feature a Campaign Versus mode similar to its spiritual predecessor Left 4 Dead. Instead, the developers said: Back 4 Blood will focus on the existing versus mode, which pits two teams of players against each other on a smaller map, with each team switching between Cleaners and Ridden. As of today, the studio has “no plans” to add Campaign Versus to the game.

The studio revealed the new information via Back 4 Blood‘s official discord server, in response to a fan’s question whether the studio would add a versus campaign mode. When asked why, Design Director Chris Ashton said: “We have a lot of defensive gear and our specials are good at ambushes. Defending worked much better for our game than running away from AB.”

While the game’s current versus mode has some similarities to the popular game mode from the Left 4 Dead series, there are a few key differences. One of them, as noted by Ashton, is in the game mode target; instead of running to a designated safe room from the beginning of a map, Cleaners are simply tasked with repelling a team of player-controlled Ridden. The second difference is that the two teams alternate between Cleaners and Ridden each round, and can choose upgrades to increase their chances of winning.

This isn’t the end of it, of course, but needless to say, many fans are disappointed by the lack of a campaign versus mode. It’s no exaggeration to say that the mode’s endless replayability was what made the Left 4 Dead series standing up after all these years. Since Turtle Rock Studios has stated that it is making an effort to include accessibility options in the game, who knows, who knows, they’ll listen to fan feedback and eventually add the mode.

Did you play the Back 4 Blood beta? If so, what did you think of the versus mode as it exists? Let us know in the comments below.