Balenciaga Fortnite clothing line is about as expensive as you’d expect

Balenciaga has the wraps of a series Fortnite clothing and accessories, and if you want to spend nearly $1,000 on a white shirt with the game’s logo, go crazy,

We don’t exaggerate either; the white shirt only has the words ‘Fortnite Balenciaga’ on one side, and nothing else. Other than that, it’s just a plain white shirt, but will set you back $995 because of the associated branding.

In addition, Balenciaga also offers a standard T-shirt for $495, Nevermind Cat sunglasses for $630, and a black sweatshirt for a frankly dazzling $1,150. However, people are clearly buying this stuff because some of the items listed here are already out of stock.

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On the other hand, Fortnite itself will offer a ton of in-game items that take inspiration from various looks that Balenciaga has offered in the past. These include speed trainers, backpack bling, and others.