Banjo Kazooie to play on Switch from January

It’s been known for a while, but still. Banjo Kazooie is finally coming to a Nintendo console again, at least if you paid a little extra for it.

Only with Expansion Pack

One of the best games on the Nintendo 64 is now easily available to Nintendo gamers via Nintendo Switch Online. All Banjos can also be played on Xbox, including the less successful sequels. However, Banjo Kazooie is inextricably linked to Nintendo for many Nintendo 64 gamers. After the acquisition of Rare by Microsoft, Banjo Kazooie games were only available on Microsoft’s network. Fortunately, we see more and more collaboration between Nintendo and Microsoft, for example in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Banjo Kazooie can now be used as a fighter there.

From January (exact date to be announced) the original will be available to Switch gamers who have purchased the expansion from the online subscription. So it is not an improved version. The music alone is reason enough to give this game a try. What a great soundtrack the game has!
All Nintendo 64 games that have been or will be added to the Online Library come without graphical changes.