Battlefield 2042 Error Not Attributed To Halo Infinite

Earlier this week, a report published on Xfire by trusted insider Tom Henderson claimed that Electronic Arts attributed the misfortune of Battlefield 2042 in part to the surprise release of Halo Infinite. According to Henderson, the publisher recently held a town hall meeting to acknowledge Battlefield 2042’s missteps and subsequent failures, and conduct a post-mortem investigation of sorts, with Laura Miele, head of the studios, bringing up Halo Infinite. Henderson’s report made for countless headlines, all of which focused on EA apparently blaming the Microsoft hit. However, the publisher has denied this.

What EA has to say about its Battlefield 2042 postmortem

“According to EA, things took a turn, and that turn was… clears throat“The surprise release of Halo Infinite multiplayer (I wish I was kidding),” Henderson wrote. According to Miele, the comparison between the two games was not favorable because Halo Infinite was a very polished title, while Battlefield 2042 had bugs and was not as polished.

“These stories do not accurately reflect the discussion and context, which was an in-depth and very humble internal conversation about the recent Battlefield launch,” EA Communications VP John Reseburg told PC Gamer in a statement. “It was about important lessons and actions that we are taking, not about blaming external factors.”

Opinion: Miele’s comments may have been misinterpreted

Zamena writes… Henderson has an excellent track record, but without Miele’s exact words and the context in which they were said, it’s impossible to determine whether or not she blamed Halo Infinite. Miele could have meant that Halo Infinite’s level of polish made Battlefield 2042 look even worse, which isn’t wrong and it certainly doesn’t mean she’s blaming other games. To be fair to Henderson, was his article more of an op-ed and how? he interpreted what he heard from his sources. It is other websites that have turned these headlines.

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[Source: PC Gamer]