Battlefield 2042 Player Count For Hazard Zone So Low DICE Won’t Track

It’s been almost two months since the release of Battlefield 2042, and things aren’t looking good for the latest main game in the franchise. A prominent insider reports that, due to the staggeringly low player count for the Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone game mode, developer DICE no longer keeps its stats internally. In fact, DICE hasn’t tracked game mode for the past week Battlefield 2042 launched in November 2021.

Why is Battlefield 2042 player count so low for Hazard Zone?

Danger zone is the Battlefield franchise’s take on the popular Extraction genre. Similar to games like Escape from Tarkov, players fall into an area and must collect data caches while battling AI enemies and other player squads. There are also a limited number of extraction points, which in theory adds to the thrill and competitive aspect of the game.

However, fans quickly noticed that the game mode offered little incentive. While players could use the collected data to buy weapons and gear for the next go-around, that was about it. Players soon discovered that they had an excess of data to buy things, even if they were not successfully extracted. Worse, because Battlefield 2042 still doesn’t have in-game voice chat, fans were confused about how to communicate with their teammates in such a team-based game mode.

According to reliable insider Tom Henderson, this has reportedly given DICE no reason to continue to monitor game mode stats internally. As a whole, Battlefield 2042The number of players has fallen to about 6,000 concurrent players in the past week – well below the initial peak of 100,000 players at launch. Henderson also speculates that this likely means fans won’t see further support for the mode anytime soon:

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