Battlefield 2042 Sales Disappointing – PlayStation LifeStyle

Today, EA became the last company to release their financial results for the previous quarter, and there was one game that clearly didn’t perform as well as the others: Battlefield 2042. EA CEO Andrew Wilson stated that the game “didn’t live up to expectations”. The company later declined to reveal actual sales figures or even player numbers when pressed during the Q&A portion of the call, despite doing so for other titles.

How well has Battlefield 2042 sold?

Battlefield 2042 has not lived up to EA’s expectations for its sales and they have declined to disclose how many units it has sold. EA did say that it currently makes up less than 10% of their business and the company has the amount they expect to make at $100 million this year just because of the game’s poor launch. EA expects the game to make up only about 5% of the company’s revenue next year.

Reasons for the game’s disappointing launch included the challenging difficulty of working on an ambitious title for two years from home. While the team thought the game was ready for launch, it became clear during the beta period that there were “unforeseen performance issues” that needed to be addressed. Finally, Wilson said, “Some of the design choices we made with the game didn’t resonate with everyone in our community either.”

DICE makes every effort to solve the game’s problems. There will be “meaningful updates in the coming weeks” and Season 1 has been postponed to summer so the team can focus on fixing the game rather than adding new content. But will the game ever get to a state where it will be able to “doing really well over time,” as claimed during the conference call, remains to be seen.

In other news, worms Developer Team17 has canceled their MetaWorms NFT project after backlash from players, their own team members and their developer partners. Elsewhere, Far Cry 6 got an update today introducing the second free crossover mission based on a Rambo superfan.