Battlefield 2042 Season 1 is scheduled for March 2022

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 will apparently not go live until March 2022. After data mining the game’s client, the Twitter user temporarily found enough weekly preseason missions for an additional 12 weeks. He also found details of the season one map, now called “Exposure”.

Battlefield 2042The preseason would include content such as weekly missions and rewards, limited-time modes, special creator spotlights, and Battlefield Portal content. After data mining the Battlefield 2042 client on PC, there are weekly missions intended for the preseason of the game that will last 12 weeks. This would mean Season 1’s first season would arrive in mid-March 2022, though Temporyl did add that some of those missions could turn out to be backup missions in case Season 1 is delayed by an earlier release window.

Season 1 was already scheduled for 2022 and would introduce a new Battle Pass, a new Specialist, new Battlefield Portal content and a new location. Dataminers had previously discovered a map with the working name “Ridge”, and Temporyl believes “Exposure” is the final name for that map, which will be introduced in Season 1. He also unveiled a pre-match exposition for both factions. US troops will hear:

Seismic activity in British Columbia has damaged a base of a Canadian-American research facility. A landslide has exposed the interior and damaged the surrounding area. The Russians falsely claim that this revealed a military weapon and deploy troops on Canadian soil to secure it.

Meanwhile, the Russian troops receive:

A landslide in the Canadian Rockies gave us a glimpse into the Black Ridge facility. And what we see is a direct threat, a weapon that cannot continue to operate. Today’s mission is urgent. You will travel to base with our allies and then secure all sectors on site.

DICE has already released the game’s latest update for 2021, which added major improvements to hit registration, multiple audio improvements, and balance changes. The team promises to publish more details on further improvements and Season 1 after the holidays are over, then we’ll see how accurate this datamine will be.

[Source: Twitter via Eurogamer]