Be a part of the Festival of Frost in Minecraft Dungeons!

15 million players in Dungeons? wow! This deserves a celebration!

The cold is the worst. Or will it be for the best? It’s hard to decide, because although some of us are freezing this February, we also had a great time with the wonderful festivities. Do you want to know which ones? Watch the video below and experience it for yourself, but cover up!

minecraft dungeons reached the huge milestone of 15 million players since its launch, and we want to celebrate it with a winter event with amazing adventures.

Play Festival of Frost from today until February 22nd and test your skills in all kinds of icy challenges. You will surely notice that the Tower now has slippery frozen floors. In addition, you can try or relive the Chills and Thrills challenges that are back so you don’t miss the fun of this experience. Finally, we want to commemorate the great occasion, so if you enter the game after February 8th, you will receive the reward “Iceologist Cape”. Thank you for being part of our adventure together!

Follow the latest news from the Festival of Frost event and much more at our blog. Don’t miss out on the icy fun to keep celebrating winter!