Before playing Forza Horizon 5, these 9 tips can make your trip through Mexico easier

The Xbox festival has started, but if this is your first game in the saga, these recommendations can help you.

The fifth installment in the driving franchise of Playground Games has already started trip through mexico and the reception could not be better, with more than 4 and a half million players at its premiere, it is already the largest launch of an Xbox Game Studios game and has comfortably exceeded the figures harvested by Forza Horizon 4.

Forza Horizon 5 is so complete that it can be overwhelmingThe success of the game is managing to attract many new players to the seriesand that is why we want to give you some small recommendations so that you start your trip in the best possible way. Surely you franchise veterans master most of the title’s mechanics perfectly, but if this is your first contact with the franchise or even if you don’t usually play driving titles, ForzaHorizon 5 it is so complete that it can be something overwhelming.

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However, the game seeks to be very friendly to novice user and this fifth installment has managed to order its content much more intuitive than previous games in the saga, even so, the map is still huge and is full of goals. That is why we wanted to give you a hand with some simple tips in case this is your first trip and you are not sure how to approach it.

Remember that if you are going to play it on PCyou have one optimization guide in 3DGamesPC where Mario Gómez will tell you what our recommended graphic configurations are, and if you want more information On the arrival of the emblematic festival in Mexico, Alejandro Pascual tells you the reasons why Forza Horizon 5 is the definitive game in the saga.

no one gets left behind

no one gets left behind Forza Horizon 5 is an ideal title for those players who want to get started in driving games. The focus of the title is arcade, something that makes it easier for new players to enter, in addition, it requires very little to advance in the story, even without winning any races, the game allows you to progress, all accompanied by some difficulty and accessibility options so complete that you can adjust the challenge to any level of difficulty and specific need so that you always enjoy it.

exploration pays off

exploration pays off Forza Horizon 5 is visually beautiful and its map is full of places to get lost, but in addition to enjoying the landscape, exploration is rewarded in the game: finding all the roads, graffiti, emblematic places has a reward and you will only have to walk, but you can also get the discount posters, which will make fast travel cheaper, as well as the direct experience posters, which especially at the beginning, will help you level up quickly.

Your way of driving rewards you

Your way of driving rewards you The game has an experience mechanic for each car, where our way of driving will be rewarded: having a perfect drive, chaining skids, driving recklessly, there are many actions behind the wheel that will trigger a points counter that will increase with different multipliers . These points will be used to level up the car, which in turn will be used to get new abilities and prizes such as special vehicles, money or experience.

Don't be afraid to spend

Don’t be afraid to spend You will have a large number of vehicles and pieces with which to spend your money and you should not be afraid of it, money is obtained relatively easily, you can save in specific cases, but think that it is a game that will give you constant facilities so that get access to those cool cars you want to test and any projects to modify them, besides money, you will receive cars in many other ways, so you can sit back and shop.

Easily adjust the vehicle

Easily adjust the vehicle The game will offer us numerous options when it comes to making improvements and adjustments to the cars, this is important because they will help the vehicle to better adapt to the different types of challenges that we will face. The menu may be somewhat complex at first, however, we have a search engine where we can download tunings made by the community that will cover our needs, being able to sift by class and description in a simple way.

Aesthetics are also important

Aesthetics are also important As with tuning, we have endless aesthetic customization options for our cars. The manager is very complete, with many layers of paint where the most skilled perform wonders. If you are not good at this or you do not want to spend too much time designing your car personally, you have a search engine for designs made by the community, where you can choose the one that best suits your tastes from different categories.

Be creative

Be creative Forza Horizon 5 takes tuning to the highest level and will give you the chance to experiment with different vehicles for different domains. This means that you will not be restricted when choosing which car to face certain tests with, being able to convert a usual circuit vehicle to offroad or race on the track with a truck. You can also have fun preparing an old family car for the most demanding circuit. Just be creative.

Barns hide treasures

Barns hide treasures The abandoned car missions are already a classic of the franchise. As you progress through the story, you will receive rumors of abandoned vehicles in certain areas of the map, these are hidden in barns, in a deplorable state, although one of the members of the festival will restore them for you. Although they have a collectible structure, they are as rewarding as they are useful and many of them will serve to tell us about the history of the country.

Enjoy the trip

Enjoy the trip This is our most important advice, because Forza Horizon 5 is a game of traveling through a beautiful country with our dream vehicles, enjoying the scenery and the road. However, it is easy to lose that vision when we have a map full of things to do, but do not let yourself be overwhelmed or think about which activities are more convenient at each moment, just enjoy and do what you feel like the most, you will continue advancing in the game equally.