Behind the scenes of monster creation for Deck of Ashes, available today on Xbox

Hello everyone! We are AYgames and today we are going to talk about our favorite creation: covered in ashes! While we’ll be focusing on the monsters and other unforgettable monsters from Ash’s world, let’s start with a little background.

Our title is a roguelite deck building game and follows the mysterious path of the gang of anti-heroes. All the protagonists of this story are members of the Outcasts, the extremely dangerous gang whose criminal success played a trick on them. They dared to rob Lady Death herself. No wonder she tricked them (that was her fault anyway) and the curse of the ashes was unleashed on this world from the very artifact they intended to steal.

The basic gameplay of our game is turn-based battle deck building with the Deck of Ashes at its core. The cards you play are burned and you will have to spend some resources to bring them back from the ashes (the cards will not simply be restored after each battle).

creature faces

The outcasts must now face the consequences of their terrible act. The fire witch, Lucia, was burned alive as she usually happens to witches. The dark assassin, Sly, can’t help it, but he hears the voices of the people he killed. Fearless warrior Buck almost lost the only creature he loved. Only the cunning jester, Magnus, seems to benefit from this apocalyptic event, and yet he wishes for much more. Each of the outcasts meet Ash Master and he shows them the way out – they just have no way of finding Lady Death and eradicating the Ash Curse once and for all.

four monsters

Their adventures after this encounter had one thing in common: numerous battles with monsters. These monsters are what we are especially proud of as we design them really horrible and different! Players are about to spend a lot of time battling hordes of these creatures trying to find the right approach for each type and using various card combos.

black knight

black knight

Let’s start with the rather distinctive one: meet the Black Knight!

The embodiment of chivalry mercifully punishes the unclean with a noble power eager to purge the cities of evildoers at all costs. Of all people (and monsters), Knights are obsessed with dueling. Now corrupted by Ash Curse, Black Knight challenges his enemies to duels according to the new rules…but it’s always a fight between equals.

When creating this mini-boss (sorry for the spoiler) we had in mind the idea of ​​dueling knights. That’s why one of the key mechanics with this one is the so-called “equality”. The knight replaces all your cards with his, so you have to quickly come up with completely new tactics!

hell hound


Speaking of monsters, there is one that we cannot fail to mention: the Hell Hound.

“If you think your dog has a bad temper, check out Hell Hound. The Hound of Hell hunts sinners desperately trying to escape death, but also troublesome demons. He does it not only because his masters order him to, but because he likes to kill. This huge ex-dog with his demon rider will burn and devour the flesh of his victims!

This is a tough question. Inexperienced players may think this is just a generic mob, but Hell Hound will quickly teach them a lesson. He has a solid amount of health and the high initiative from him will turn the battle into a really horrible mess. This agile creature constantly avoids attacks and can cause you to make mistakes and waste most of your cards.



Meet Nosferatu himself! The true vampire. He will suck all your health like a juice box unless you can find the right tactics against this creature.

The Ash Master’s warning: “Once upon a time there were many wizards who studied the mystery of death. They managed to revive legions of fallen warriors and were eager to sacrifice their own lives just to be resurrected as the undead. Nosferatu is far more intelligent than any other undead and leads them into battle with ease. At first glance, Nosferatu may not seem that dangerous, but when he dies, he restores the health of his small army. That’s why facing Nosferatu is always a challenge and he can easily turn ugly with all these undead creatures fighting to the bitter end!

This monster summons various undead into battle. Killing these minions won’t help much, as Nosferatu can easily bring them back from the depths of Hell! Kill him as soon as possible or you will be invaded by the endless wave of undead!



The local scrooge is corrupted by Ash Curse – Cannibal.

Initially, in the cities only beggars stooped to cannibalism driven by hunger and desperation. But as time went on, human flesh began to look much more attractive, especially to rich people. The Cannibal twisted by the Curse of Ashes is forced by his insatiable hunger, which he tries to appease even by eating his own flesh. Hungry and furious as the wild beast, he blindly follows his instincts and attacks anyone who crosses his path.

This enemy can give you goosebumps. Do not hesitate, the Cannibal will use all the dirty tricks he has up his sleeve. He can eat weaker monsters to satisfy his health. Find a way to stop this regeneration or it could end up as dessert for this chubby!

face to face monster

We talk about some of the monsters you will face in Deck of Ashes. The rest awaits you in the game. We have something to surprise you. Will you dare to challenge the Ash Course?

covered in ashes it is full of options, challenges, unique mechanics, unforgettable battles and unpredictable events. Embark on this adventure and solve the mystery of Ash Curse! Follow the stories of Lucia, Sly, Buck, Magnus and Sybil. Each character is created with heart and has their own unique destiny. You’re about to play it your way.

Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment. The game favors the brave! Good luck on your journey and may the curse of the ashes fall!

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Ashes Cover: Complete Edition

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Deck of Ashes is an adventure game with tactical card combat. In this complete edition of the game, an elven archer, Sibyl the Dark Soul, joins the cast of anti-heroes on her quest for redemption. As Sibyl, she uses superior sniper skills, resurrects fallen enemies, or induces fear and hysteria in all who oppose you. One character at a time, explore the cursed fantasy world and search for powerful cards. Put your survival and resource management skills to the test when you upgrade your Allied Camp. The choices that drive your journey – where to go, what resource to collect, what risk to take, and what card to create – are the difference between success and untimely death. Can you rid the world of the curse of the ashes? Dynamic and Dangerous World Deck of Ashes features a procedurally generated world where danger lurks around every corner. Sudden ambushes, cataclysms, and random events will force you to constantly adapt and explore fleeting opportunities to gain an advantage. Refine your strategy as you go to ensure your survival! Deckbuilding Done Right We provide you with the best deckbuilding tools we could develop. If you’re a newbie, we’ve got you covered, as there are card games that obviously work well together. And if you’re ready to go crazy with your own deck idea, there are over 100 cards for each character to explore and combine. BEWARE: Lots of potential to go crazy with unexpected combos! Upgrade the Camp to Suit Your Needs Different strategies require very different upgrades from your Camp. Resources are scarce and you won’t be able to upgrade everything in one playthrough, so choose wisely!