BioWare gives an update on the new Dragon Age

BioWare gives an update on the new Dragon Age game in its blog† The blog is written by Gary McKay, he indicates that the new part is in production.

The new Dragon Age is in production. This is indicated in a blog written by Gary McKay, vice president/general manager of BioWare. The blog provides insight into various aspects. Think of the team, development of the game, Star Wars: the Old Republic and the fans/community.

The blog states that game development goes through several stages before production begins. These are the concept and pre-production phase. McKay says it’s very important because that’s where you’re setting a technical blueprint for the entire game. He also indicates that the blueprint was completed last year and that the team is now working on production.

“…we’re now focused on building out our vision: creating amazing environments, deep characters, strong gameplay, impactful writing, emotional cinematics – and much more.”said McKay.

There are talks about different leaders within the project. Three people are appointed here with a lot of experience at EA. These are Mac Walters (production designer), Corrine Busche (game director) and Benoit Houle (director of product development).

We will be hearing more about the new Dragon Age later this year, on both blogs and social media. The blog briefly talks about the tenth anniversary of Star Wars: the Old Republic. The team behind the game has released a new expansion and will be doing even more this year to celebrate the anniversary. BioWare is also hard at work with Mass Effect, in which they are working on new ideas. The blog ends with the emphasis that new AAA games take time and that the team is focused on quality.