Bitty Boomers review

You’ve probably seen these little guys popping up somewhere while browsing – little round Bluetooth speakers shaped like characters from various fandoms. From Spiderman, Chewbacca and Spongebob to Jack Skellington or a Fortnite Loot Llama, there is something that will make everyone go “I need this!”.

I am the proud owner of two of these beauties – a Mandalorian and The Child (baby Yoda) to go with it. I got mine from, but you can find them on Takealot and a slew of other local sites.

The cuteness factor is obvious, but how do they hold up?

The sound quality is quite decent. You won’t have the neighbors calling the police at your parties, but the Bitty Boomer amplifies your phone sound nicely, much better than other knock-off Bluetooth speakers I’ve tried in the past. The volume goes quite high – I rarely put them at full volume – and the sound is clear.

As an added bonus, you can link two Bitty Boomers together to create more stereo sound (or just have them in different parts of the house so you don’t have to move your devices around while listening to your favorite music playlist and doing chores). The range is also impressive – I let my phone play a few rooms and the Bitty Boomer picked up the sound where I was sitting.

The only negative I have experienced with this is the short battery life. The official claim is that they last up to 5 hours, but I’ve found this to be closer to 3. So you can listen to that entire podcast, or have a streamer entertain you in the background while you’re working out, but you’ll need to charge them up after one or two listening sessions. They come with micro USB cables and charge quite quickly.

I’m a huge fan of geeky stuff that also serves a functional purpose, so I really enjoy the Bitty Boomers. I currently have the Mandalorian parked in the kitchen to listen to podcasts while I do the dishes, and The Child hangs out in my bedroom to keep me entertained with YouTube videos as I get ready for the day. As long as you remember to charge them regularly, these little speakers are a nice addition to your space.

Last updated: July 12, 2021